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Beverage Manufacturing


Concentrate Orange, Tomato, Apple and other juices, substantially reducing dewatering costs versus evaporation.


Produce "light Beer", "low alcohol" beer, recover brewing sludge.


Replace Fining and Traditional filtration techniques with U.F. for high quality product and higher yields. Concentrate Grape Juice to improve taste, remove colour and off-taste materials, reduce cold stabilization time.


Concentrate prior to spray drying; Remove off-taste volatiles.

Apple Juice

Enhance product recovery by concentrating second and third pressings; Concentrate to reduce shipping costs; Pectin removal and clarification.

Metal Processing

Fluid Processing

Electrodeposition ( ED) paont applications - "Hollow fibre U.F. membranes" economically replace existing tubular or plate and frame systems, coupled with improved job rinsing and greater throughput.

Water Purification

R.O prior to exchange make-up water for plating baths.
High purity rinse water to avoid spotting and contamination - for die casters, molders and other speciality manufacturers.
Boiler feed water.
Climate control systems - pretreatment or post-treatment.

Waste Water Treatment/Recovery

Recover metal salts from metal plating rinse streams - nickel, zinc cyanide, acid zinc, copper cyanide, acid copper, cadmiun cyanide, tin-lead fluoroborate, brigh crome, brass cyanide, others. R.O. units economically concentrate the salts for reuse or disposal while reclaming purified water.
R.O. of U.F. permeate "purger on ED paint lines" - reclaims water for rinsing, reclaims solvent, reduces disposal costs.
Meet national dischareg limits on COD, heavy metals, and solvents.
Reclaim waste products and valuable materials and solvents.
Concentrate dilute waste solutions - such as glycol's, from 0.1% to 10% TS to 30% to 50% TS.
Treat composite waste streams (end of pipe).
Reclaim and reuse water - reactor washdown water, phosphate rinse discharge, soluble oily wastewater.

Chemical Processing

Fluid Processing

Concentrated chemicals and organics, such as pesticides, to up to 50% total solids.
Fractionate gels, fine chemicals, organics.
Fractionate smaller molecular weight materials from larger, such as recovering monomers from oligomers.
Desalt dyes, inks and fine chemicals.

Water Purification

Low TDS make-up water.
Pretreatment to Ion exchange.
Boiler Feed Water.

Pulp and Paper

Conventional waste treatment is in many cases not adequate or cost-effective to meet required discharge limits for the pulp and paper industry. Membrane separation provides the added benefit of economical product separation and recovery.

Water Purification

Purify make-up water - crossflow MF, UF and RO provide new cost-effective unit processes for filtering papermaking water supplies.

Waste Water Treatment/Recovery

Fractionate, concentrate and recover lignins from Kraft black liquor.
Concentrate dilute pulp wash waters of 0.5% - 2% solids to 10% solids prior to evaporation.
Concentrate dilute pressboard manufacturing waste with low pressure R.O. or U.F. and R.O.
Remove colour from kraft bleach effluents.
Recover titanium dioxide.


Membrane Technology is playing an increased role in the economical operation of plants in the textile industry. Valuable chemical, organics and process water can be reclaimed for reuse at substantial savings.

Water Purification

Dye bath make-up water and other process waters.
Rinse waters for higher product quality.
Boiler feed water.

Waste Water Treatment/Recovery

Concentrate PVA, CMC and other sizes for refuse with Arbour Industrial U.F. High temperature operating capability saves energy as well.
Continuously reclaims for reuse up to 2% concentrations of textile lubricants with high BOD.
Concentrate and recover valuable dyes and limit discharges to acceptable levels with U.F.
Purify and reuse indigo dye.
Reclaim caustic wash water.

Laundry and Washing

In areas of the country with high TDS water, R.O. is providing an economical water purification alternative. Wastewater treatment systems have successfully separated difficult waste streams while reclaiming valuable hot water for reuse.

Water Purification

Vehicle rinsing - eliminate troublesome water spotting.
Dish washing - food and beverage service establishments find R.O to be a low maintenance alternative to softening and the only cost-effective procedure for most contaminants other than hardness.
Bottlers and canners - purify rinse water prior to canning or bottling.
Boiler feed water.
Climate control systems - pretreatment or post-treatment.

Waste Water Treatment/Recovery

Commercial laundries - reduce waste stream pollutants, separate soluble oils, reclaim purified permeate and recapture waste heat.

Potable Water

Water Purification

From brackish sources - on a cost per-gallon delivered basis, we use membrane elements and systems, which are the most efficient in the Industry.
From seawater sources - elements and systems are engineered for the corrosive high-pressure seawater environment.
From surface well waters U.F. has been proved to be effective in removing humic acid and other colour taste organics from surface waters.
Medical water - "Low sodium" water meets dietary concerns in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.

Waste Water Treatment/Recovery

Desalt treated municipal wastewater and reinject into the water table to maintain pure water supply and/or prevent salt-water intrusion.