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Water Treatment and Membrane Technology Systems.

JFP Filtration

Cleaning up the Environment now and into the future.

Separation Technology

Have you worked out how much it is costing you to waste this year. Arbour Industrial has. If you are buying water to use for production and paying a premium to throw it away after your particular processing needs we manufacture and supply the type of plant you probably can't afford not to install.

Ultra Filtration Plants

The technology is a semi-permeable membrane controlled, pressure activated process capable of performing a variety of selective separations.

How it works

Solvents and species in the feed solution whose molecular size and weight are below the weight cut-off will flow through the membrane and emerge as permeate , while rejected species are progressively concentrated in the feed stream.

How it can help you

EMULSIFIED OIL FRACTION from aqueous waste stream, i.e.
METAL CUTTING FLUIDS reduce oily waste disposal costs by removing the water.
ELECTROCOAT PAINT SEPARATION - permanently charged U.F. membranes resist fouling in the cathodic electrocoat pain recovery process. Paint Consumption has been greatly reduced and discharges are completely pollution free.
GRAPHIC ARTS INDUSTRY - Treatment of printing and graphic development waste waters.
PLATING INDUSTRY - Elimination of heavy metals, chromates and cyanides.
DEGREASING UNITS - Wastewater from car washing, paint spray units, motor and metal cleaning, cleaned and recycled.
CLARIFICATION OF BEVERAGES - for vintners, brewers and cider makers removal of micro-organisms and macromolecules. In a one step cold sterilisation process to produce a clear and or a concentrate product.
HYDROPONICS - for growers who wish to recycle water free from organics with concentrations of toxic wastes etc., i.e. bean sprout growers etc.

Overview of Water - Not Just a Simple Substance

Recovery, Heavy Metal recovery and water recycle has proven very economical with R.O. systems. Oil/water separations with U.F. allow metalworking operations to recover valuable oils and meet discharge requirments.

Water Purification

Electrodeposition ( ED) paont applications - "Hollow fibre U.F. membranes" economically replace existing tubular or plate and frame systems, coupled with improved job rinsing and greater throughput.

Fluid Processing

R.O prior to exchange make-up water for plating baths.
High purity rinse water to avoid spotting and contamination - for die casters, molders and other speciality manufacturers.
Boiler feed water.
Climate control systems - pretreatment or post-treatment.

Waste Water Treatment/Recovery

Recover metal salts from metal plating rinse streams - nickel, zinc cyanide, acid zinc, copper cyanide, acid copper, cadmiun cyanide, tin-lead fluoroborate, brigh crome, brass cyanide, others.
R.O. units economically concentrate the salts for reuse or disposal while reclaming purified water.
R.O. of U.F. permeate "purger on ED paint lines" - reclaims water for rinsing, reclaims solvent, reduces disposal costs.
Meet national dischareg limits on COD, heavy metals, and solvents.
Reclaim waste products and valuable materials and solvents.
Concentrate dilute waste solutions - such as glycol's, from 0.1% to 10% TS to 30% to 50% TS.
Treat composite waste streams (end of pipe).
Reclaim and reuse water - reactor washdown water, phosphate rinse dischaarge, soluble oily wastewater.